An exited startup founder and technologist with 15 years of experience in tech.


Emma Joy Obanye is an Entrepreneur In Residence of Capital Enterprise’s ‘OneTech’. An entrepreneur, advisor, mentor and tech geek from Hackney, Emma has spent the last 15 years building products and leading teams in both the corporate and startup world.

Emma previously co-founded and sold the award-winning, music-focused loyalty and influencer platform BuddyBounce. With over 70K users, BuddyBounce connected fans, bands and brands, attracting a wealth of clients including all three major labels, O2 and Penguin Random House.

Aside from her work at Capital Enterprise Emma also enjoys working on her two current ventures Mindful Team and The Retrospective Game (a tech platform and card game respectively). Both products focus on allowing businesses to measure and improve the culture of their teams. In her spare time, she advises and mentors a number of individuals and startups.



Exited startup. Emma exited Buddybounce, the startup she co-founded to Crowdmix in 2016. It wasn’t all plain sailing and Emma is open and honest about her experience as a Black, female entrepreneur.


Years working in tech. Half working in the corporate world, half in the startup world.


Cites to call home. Emma splits her time between London and Barcelona.


Underrepresented startups to support. As the Head of Delivery at OneTech. Emma is on a mission to provide support and guidance to entrepreneurs on their startup journey.

Current Focus

The projects and initiatives at the top of Emma’s agenda…


Emma is the Head of Delivery at OneTech. OneTech is an ambitious new initiative to diversify the tech startup ecosystem.

Mindful Team

Emma co-founded Mindful Team, a startup on a mission to make 1,000,000 teams happier. Mindful Team provides teams with the community, tools and resources to help teams self actualise, take action and nurture their happiness and productivity.

Emma co-founded Journe. Journe is a not for profit organisation that aims to bridge the skills gap by providing young people with access to key knowledge recipes from experienced people that have been there and done it.