Katie McCaul

Katie’s Career began as a veterinary nurse which gave her invaluable experience including running clinics, dealing with owners and their pets through difficult circumstances and managing a team of nurses. Katie very much enjoyed her role and gained a knowledge and understanding of animal’s health and well-being.

After leaving practice she was lucky enough to complete a BSc in Animal Behaviour and Physiology. This taught her about the evolutionary path our domesticated pets had been on and how innate behaviour and physiology are the key to happiness and well-being.

Katie’s recent role as research and development manager at a raw pet food company gave her an insight into the pet food industry. Leading her to achieve a Diploma in naturopathy with a specialism in nutrition. Sharing her experience and knowledge with the veterinary profession is a real passion and she delivers courses and lectures to the veterinary community. Passionate about supporting owners in their choice of feeding and aims to provide unbiased support covering raw and home cooked.

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