Dr Dorien F Nel

Dorien qualified as a veterinary surgeon in the Netherlands in 2003. After this she worked in Southern Africa for a year before relocating to the UK. In the UK she worked in small animal practice as a general practitioner, with a specific interest in the psychology of the human-pet bond. Dorien also specialises in any form of medical or surgical emergencies, and is currently further studying towards a degree in Emergency Medicine and Surgery.

Dorien is on a mission to make sure that her clients understand what is going on with their pet, explaining complicated conditions or treatments, so they can better understand and manage treatment at home.

Dorien’s journey to holistic veterinary thinking, started a few years after graduating when she realised that all of her nutritional training in Vet School had been funded by the pet food industry. She questioned how it was possible that as a profession, vets suggest processed food for each and every ailment. Dorien feels it is in everyone’s best interest (pet, owner AND vet!) to empower the owner with knowledge and understanding to know what is right for their pets, whether it be medically or nutritionally, and she’s happy to help educate!

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